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Our Company

  • ITS digitech Pvt. Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of FACC Operations GmbH, Austria. FACC Operations GmbH is a leading force in the development and production of aircraft components and systems made of composite materials. ITS digitech supports FACC in engineering services business in the areas of composite tooling, product development and documentation.
  • At ITS, we are building upon our position as an industry leader in engineering services, and leveraging our quality and performance-driven culture, to deliver value to customers through:

            • Focused partnership with our customers
            • Ingenious in services and solutions
            • Nature oriented engineering
            • Operational excellence

  • We accomplish these goals with a motivated and global organization and are committed to take responsibility and act with integrity and transparency in all that we do.

Services we offer

We specialize in designing of simple to complex jigs and tools – assembly and inspection, drilling and routing jigs, transportation and manipulation jigs. Some of our notable programs are A380 Fuselage, Bombardier BD500 (Body to wing fairing), MS21 Floorgrids, MS21 Wingbox.

We specialize in designing of galleys and stowage's, electrical installations for aircraft interiors. Some of our notable programs are United BBJ B737, A380 Malaysia Airlines, A330 Turkish Airlines, B777 SAUDIA .

We specialize in designing of aircraft aero structures. With extensive experience in developing light weight components through innovation, we are the right partner for your composite structure design support activities. We have been involved and led complex structure design programs, like: A350 Winglet which is made of composites. With out excellent mix of design and manufacturing experience coupled with low hourly rate, we provide affordable yet quality structure design services.

With our deep expertise in the field of aerospace stress engineering field, we support our internal as well as external design teams with accurate and timely analysis of components (composites), metal parts, structures as well as production tools.

ITS team has 15+ years of experience in generating CAM programs for structural components like: Bulkhead, Shearclip, Gooseneck, etc with very thin walls which are complex due their geometry as well. Apart from components, our team has extensive experience in programing tools like: drilling jigs which are used in composite part production.

Due to ever increasing need of documentation, ITS has a dedicated team to meet needs of internal programs as well as standalone documentation projects, like: CMM (Component Maintenance Manual). Apart from this, we specialize in: AMM (Aircraft Maintenance Manual), AJIJ Tool manuals, Final Assembly And Delivery Instructions, Wiring Diagram Manuals, Wiring Parts Catalogs, Electrical Schematic Diagrams and Structural Repair Manuals.

Our skills

  • Aerospace Tooling 90%
  • Aircraft Interiors 80%
  • Aero structure design 70%
  • Stress Engineering 80%
  • NC Programming 90%
  • Technical Documentation 80%